Friday, May 22, 2009

Here we go

So. The first post. No pressure or anything, right?

I haven't had a blog since highschool, since I got sick of writing about my own life all the time. Fiction has been a lot more exciting, since I can, you know, make stuff up whenever the hell I want. I guess I could do that on a blog too, only the people who know me in REAL LIFE would ever figure it out, but I honestly lack the imagination and energy to bother with all that.

So why blog?

Mostly because I need a swift kick in the ass to get me writing anything, be it fiction, journalism, obits, or otherwise. Case in point: I opened this blogger account over a week ago, and have put off writing anything until now. I haven't updated my profile because little text fields that want me to describe my self (worth), hobbies, and interests in 200 characters or less freak my shit out. And even now, I am blogging about how I am unsure about this foray into shameless internet-based self-promotion.

In the last few weeks, every time something notable or quotable has happened to me, I have either been saying I could write a masters thesis on it for cultural studies, or that it sounds like the title of a new blog. The most common responses I have received are
1. "Ha, cultural studies!"
2. "I would so read that." (Hopefully refering to the blog and not the masters thesis)

So here it is. Another way for me to waste time, bring the wtf moments of my day to the attentions of my friends and potentially creepy internet strangers, and, uh, pose deep and philosphical questions about life or whatever.

All you jerks who said you'd read my blog, you have no one to blame but yourselves. For those of you that were hoping for the masters thesis, its going to be a much longer wait.

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  1. If I was in cultural studies, I would totally write my thesis on you writing your blog and in it mentioning you would write your thesis on you writing your would be SO coherent and interesting!